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​​​​​​​The sequal to The Source Code. In this transforming process everything is about the activation and embodiment of your passion, so that you become more powerful and light the world all around you with your presence.

About this  webinar series

For all the creative minds, healers, lightworkers, innovators, world improvers, as well as everybody who wants to find their passion and live a fulfilling life, Janosh brings you the keys to start embodying your true purpose. In this online process you will work on the grounding of your soul's mission. You are going from the inside to the outside: from your deepest soul longing to its embodiment. 

Embody is in five phases, each one with a live webinar when we will do an activation together. These include interviews with guest speakers, who were chosen by Janosh to talk about their insights about how to embody your passion. The broadcasts are free for everyone to watch. The activations help you to release yourself from unnatural habits and beliefs, with the intention of making yourself more visible and showing others who you really are.

Part 5: Embody  (March 21, 2021)
This activation helps you to embody your soul mission,   and inspire you to come out of hiding and shine your light on the world around you.

  • Easy for everyone. The visuals and sounds are designed in a way that they penetrate deeply into your subconscious, without you having to learn anything new. 

  • Best experience.  Watch on a desktop computer and use Google Chrome as your internet browser.  For optimal sound use a headphone (not speakers).

  • Interact. Ask Janosh questions through the chat and interact with other participants. Feel free to share your experience.


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