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​​​​​​​This December Janosh will present his latest and most powerful activation  ever, called   the   Source Code.  This profound spiritual initiation allows you to look behind the curtains of reality and observe 'the game of life'. This awakening  experience requires a build-up phase, spread over several sessions. For that reason, Janosh organizes a series of free (extra long) webinars, starting  October, with a total of   five activations to complete the    process towards the Source.

About the Source Code

In August 2020, Janosh sees an image he has never seen before: a code without geometry. As his  energy and  body temperature rise, he knows he has to drop everything to channel this image. It is a struggle: to keep focus on  the non-geometric code between all the lines and colors. Many thousands of mouse clicks later the result is there, on the screen. Janosh looks at it and feels a stream of information coming after it, like a manual being downloaded. One word predominates: Source.

In the search for the deeper meaning of this somewhat strange code, Janosh discovers that he has received "something bigger". It is the code of the codes: the Source code. This does not support any growth  or activates     emotions, but it resets everything back to zero. It is the code that gives access to the control room, where 'the game of life' on Earth was created. It allows  you to see through the eyes of the Creators.

Part  5: Activation Source Code
The fifth and final activation of this series is Source Code. This frequency allows you to make contact with the Source, which provides healing and the memory of your ultimate creation in life.
Date:  December 21, 2020

  • Easy for everyone. The visuals and sounds are designed in a way that they penetrate deeply into your subconscious, without you having to learn anything new. 

  • Best experience.  Watch on a desktop computer and use Google Chrome as your internet browser.  For optimal sound use a headphone (not speakers).

  • Interact. Ask Janosh questions through the chat and interact with other participants. Feel free to share your experience.


  • Janosh

    Webinar Host

  • Tijn Touber

    Guest speaker

  • Sandra de Vos

    Guest speaker

  • Robert Bridgeman

    Guest speaker

  • Steve & Barbara Rother

    Guest speakers

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