2019 Spanish Passive House Conference and Tour

About the Webinar

In this one hour webinar Soraya Lopez Garcia, of PHI, will discuss the highlights of the 2019 Spanish Passive House Tour, which preceded the PEP Conference in Burgos, Spain.  The tour took in notable projects from the north east of Spain, including Bolueta, currently the tallest Passive House building in the world.  The webinar will also discuss what it was like to stay in a Passive House hotel and how this may be a useful tool for developers seeking to highlight the comfort aspects of Passive House to prospective clients.
The webinar will also feature insights into the role Passive House buildings are playing in social housing in northern Spain, a continually growing market segment in Spain.  Joaquin Ruiz Pinera, of PEP, will join us to help answer any questions attendees may have about the Spanish Passive House industry and PEP's upcoming conference, in Murcia, in September 2020.

  • Brett Hill

    iPHA Webinar Director

  • Soraya Lopez Garcia

    Passive House Institute

  • Joaquin Ruiz Pinera


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