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Designing a Smart Warehouse

About The Webinar

Warehouse design is the foundation of setting up a warehouse business. In fact, the design and layout of your warehouse and the automation that goes with it can make or break your business productivity; impacting picking time, labor productivity, and reduce / eliminate operational risks by improving safety of
personnel and equipment. A holistic approach right at the beginning will go a long way in deriving maximum benefit from a warehouse.
But how do you know what is the best design and layout for your warehouse? Trying to make sense of all the new technology and updated automation that is available is overwhelming, especially during these periods of economic turbulence, business disruption and changes in customer preferences. Joining this webinar will walk you through on the factors to keep in mind while considering your warehouse design and on material flow engineering and automation technologies to be adopted at various stages. 
In this webinar, we discuss

  • Principles for warehouse Design

  • Supply Chain trends impacting DC Design

  • Challenges and their consequences for Warehouse Operators

  • Robots in Warehouses - When do you need it?

  • Roadmap for a Digitally powered warehouse

  • Pavani Katuboyina

    Webinar Host

  • Sriram Sridhar

    Webinar Presenter

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