Liberating the “MBA”

About the Webinar

The MBA degree has always been seen as a pathway to good fortune. As a result, it has developed professionals who are seeking high salaries and who are aspiring to become business leaders. Finance and Marketing concentrations have been the favorites due to the attractive variable components that are normally included in one’s remuneration package. In short, it is a degree that has been primarily driven by the wealth that one creates for oneself. The MBA curriculum took a major beating between 2005 and 2008 as the world blamed the education for developing wolves on the wall street. “Re-thinking the MBA” a book authored by Prof Shrikant Datar got the management educators thinking and re-aligning curriculum towards more meaningful outcomes for the MBA professionals.
The concepts of knowing, doing and being broadened the base of the MBA program to include impact beyond just financial gains. Holistic development, social responsibility, use of design thinking for problem solving and innovation and storytelling skills became the new anchors of the MBA curriculum. The year 2014-2018 brought with it the boom of the startup ecosystem and surge in entrepreneurial aspirations. This boom was primarily driven by the application of exponential technologies.
​​​​​​​Programming, statistics, business analytics and data sciences soon became a part of the curriculum with the onset of Industry 4.0. In the past two years a lot of research has been done on the future of work. The research outcomes have been quite consistent in forecasting the need for essential skills (the new name for the soft skills of the past) which are problem-solving, critical thinking, cognitive flexibility, communication skills etc. The demands of developing such skills is once again challenging MBA educators. Liberal arts curriculum has always been known for developing these “essential skills”.

  • Dr Atish Chattopadhyay

    Director, IFIM Business School

  • Maheshwar Peri

    Founder & Chairman, Careers360

  • Dr. A Parasuraman

    Pro-Chancellor Academics, Vijaybhoomi University

  • Smita Saha

    VP -HR & HR Regional Lead India at AstraZeneca

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