Women & Money: Taking Charge of Your Financial Future

Whether it is due to income gaps, personal sacrifices, or longer life expectancy’s, it’s no secret women face several challenges when it comes to attaining financial security. But there are a few action items that you can implement today to help you gain control over your finances. This webinar will cover them.
Take charge of your financial future.

  • Daniel Rey

    CEO / Wealth Manager of Voyage Retirement Solutions

  • Take Control of Your Money

    Learn how to take a hard look at your cash flow and responsibilities, set attainable goals, and prepare for both the best case and worst case financial scenarios.

  • Become a More Knowledgeable Invester

    Whether you're new to the game or used to dealing with investing, there is always room to learn more and adjust your plan based on your current circumstances.

  • Advocare for Yourself in the Workplace

    What can you do to maximize your potential income? And how can you make this work for your retirement?

  • Watch the Webinar to Discover the Other Steps You Can Take Today for a Better Tomorrow

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