A Quick Guide to Creating or Updating A Collection Management Policy

This webinar will focus on creating and/or updating a cultural institution’s Collection Management Policy. We will examine the purpose and function of this policy, including how collections are acquired, managed, maintained, used, and deaccessioned.

A Collections Management Policy is one of the five core documents listed by the American Alliance of Museums that cultural institutions utilize to ensure they are holding to the highest legal, ethical, and profession standards they are expected to maintain as public entities. Cultural institutions’ collections are held in trust for the public and are made accessible for the public’s benefit. The Collections Management Policy outlines the scope of a collection, explains how the collection will be cared for and how they will be made available to the public. It also clearly defines the roles of the parties responsible for managing the collections.

  • Participants will learn the purpose and function of a Collection Mangement Policy, including how it guides collection care, growth, and access.

  • Carmen Cowick

    Webinar Host

  • Andrea Squeri


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