What Makes Dogs Itch? An Owner’s Manual

About the Webinar

How many thousand things make our dogs itch?
Actually, you can boil down most dogs to only three things:

 - Parasites, Allergies/Sensitivities and Infection

Nick will take us through his summarised guide to itch. With this information you can make new and informed decisions, with your vet, on
·         Parasite Control
·         Worming
·         Identifying and Treating Allergies and Sensitivities
·        Understanding skin infections from a simple perspective

The seminar is designed to bring the absolute beginner to a point where they can orientate themselves in a sea of dermatology. It will help the more experienced owner in decision making and minimising pharmaceutical use.

Nick Thompson is a vet. He has been fighting for responsible, species-appropriate raw food feeding for pets for over 25 years. His tireless drive for healthy pets from birth to graceful old age brought him to raw feeding in the mid-1990s. 

Nick is Founding President of the international Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (www.rfvs.info) and has co-authored a pioneering worldwide survey of 79 vets and their experiences feeding raw food. He has co-organised international raw food conferences for the RFVS since 2012. 

In 1999, Nick established his specialist practice, Holisticvet (www.holisticvet.co.uk). Now based in Corsham, near Bath, he offers homeopathy, natural nutrition and herbal medicine and a lot of good old-fashioned common sense for dogs and horses. 

His pet topics are gastroenterology and the microbiome and the misuse of pharmaceuticals in medicine. He loves researching all aspects of human and animal nutrition. Nick is a regular contributor to YouTube discussions on raw feeding and blogs to forward the raw feeding cause. 

Nick also shares his passion for raw feeding with a nutritional consultancy service to the premier raw pet food companies in the UK and Europe. He has lectured and consulted in Raw Food, Nutrition and Medicine throughout the UK, Eire, Northern Ireland, Finland, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, New Zealand and the Netherlands. 

Nick is embracing Social Media to spread his message: Facebook: Holisticvet Ltd; FB Public Figure: Dr Nick Thompson; Instagram: holisticvetuk. He has recently produced a beginners guide to raw feeding: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/rawfeedingthebasics.

Nick is married to Elly and has two children, Arthur and Ophelia, and lives in Wiltshire, UK with six chickens, two peacocks (I kid you not) a Snowshoe cat called Ziggy and a Whippet-Italian Greyhound cross (mongrel) called Bluebell. 

When not trying to convert the world to a species-appropriate diet, Nick has been known to run 'barefoot', swim and strive to eat real, sometimes foraged, food. Not all at the same time. 


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