The renewed significance of digital pedagogy in the COVID-19 era

COVID-19 has triggered massive changes in language education worldwide. More and more teachers have moved their classes online, and it has become essential - now more than ever - that practitioners are provided with guidance and inspiration to engage their virtual learners. This talk will examine contemporary issues in the design and delivery of student-centred digital education practice with a focus on the young language learner. This will include a model of digital pedagogy that focuses on collaboration, communication, learning content and assessment. Furthermore, the talk will offer practitioners research evidence that will help them make informed decisions when creating or choosing learning materials of a digital nature, and encourage them to explore a digital approach that will benefit children’s language learning in these uncertain times. Finally, the presentation will give participants ideas to stimulate the virtual classroom and give tips on strategies and approaches that will help them make the most of online language education.

  • Michael Terry

    Webinar Host

  • Dr. Christina Nicole Giannikas

    Webinar Presenter

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