Updates From The Trailhead:
Year End Tax Planning, Roth Conversions, and Election Week.

Northwest Financial Solutions CEO Jason Lambert, Senior VP David Topper and COO Dustin Martin have some exciting updates.

- A look at current markets and relevant news
- How to start planning for year end taxes.
- Is a Roth Conversion going to be right for you?
- Election week news and updates
- Tune in to the webinar and be able to ask questions!

Webinar Time:

10/29/2020 @ 12:00 PM

  • Jason Lambert

    Jason is President, CEO and Portfolio Manager of Northwest Financial Solutions. Over his career, he has worked for some of the largest financial firms in the world, including as an Assistant Vice President with Merrill Lynch. As the firm's CEO and portfolio manager, Jason plays an integral part in the success of Northwest Financial Solutions. He is a strong believer in the importance of independence in financial planning — when a firm is truly free to help the client in the best way possible. Jason is also the co-host of the Retirement Trailhead Radio Show and the Peaks and Valleys Podcast.

  • David Topper

    David is an Independent Financial Advisor and the Senior Vice President of Northwest Financial Solutions. In addition to co-hosting the weekly radio show “The Retirement Trailhead” and the weekly podcast “Peaks and Valleys”, he also meets with clients to develop custom and comprehensive financial and retirement income plans. David brings over 20 years of experience in the financial industry to the position and is known for turning complex strategies and investments into easy to understand language. He is passionate about helping individuals gain peace of mind about their financial situations.

  • Dustin Martin

    Dustin is a Financial Advisor and Chief Operations Officer at Northwest Financial Solutions. He is a transplant from Houston, Texas, where he spent eight years at an independent wealth management firm. He is passionate about the education process that he provides for his clients. Dustin believes that a properly informed client is capable of becoming a savvy investor. He enjoys helping his clients navigate the decision-making process while raising their level of financial sophistication.

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