Domain Monetization

Do you maximize your earnings from domain names
and the business of domain reselling?
What if you could make more money...
Even on domains ​​​​​​​your customers don't renew on time? 

In our work to bring you the best solutions for all of your domain needs, we are thrilled to host Adam Wagner from the domain monetization leader, to speak with us on domain monetization. If you attend domain industry events, you've definitely seen Adam on panels bringing his domain monetization expertise to the table!

In this dedicated session, Marie and Adam will discuss how the world's largest registrars monetize domains and how easy it is to get access to a fully automated monetization solution from ParkingCrew.

A benefit of being part of the CentralNic Group is getting access to our in-house experts and partner companies. We are proud to bring you another session connecting Domain Resellers with top industry insights and solutions. 

  • Marie Lanyon

    Head of Reseller Marketing, CentralNic Group

  • Adam Wagner


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