Blended Learning: A Whole School Approach

About The Webinar

Join Kim Wells, Director of Teaching and Learning at Caterham School for last 16 years. In this time he has implemented several award-winning initiatives to bring technology into the classroom.  

Kim will uncover blended learning strategies to use across your school, enhancing learning in every classroom.
In this webinar Kim will discuss:
 - The Dimensions of Blended Learning; Building your model
 - Understanding the problems and opportunities of moving between face to face, online and distance learning
 - Barriers for staff
 - Models of digital SAMR
 - Planning to integrate pedagogy, content, tech and individual pathways
 - Implementation, getting the core right
 - Assessment, Feedback and Flipping, the vital loops
 - 23,200 lessons evaluated for what works best
 - Measuring impact of your model

As a way of thanking you for attending the webinar, you will receive:
​​​​​​​​​​​​- A FREE training needs analysis to identify your school's training and development needs.
- Free access to our new and exciting product, Bounceback Land.    

  • Kim Wells

    Webinar Host

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