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Tuesday              December 12,        1:00 PM EDT
​​​​​​​Wednesday,     December 13,        12 Noon EDT
Thursday,           December 14,        1:00 PM EDT

Friday,                  September 8,        1:00 PM EDT

Air Force C2E Opportunity
How to Prepare & Win

With an estimated budget of $15B and 27 awardees (15 Small Businesses and 12 Full and Open), the AF C2E (Comprehensive Construction Engineering Program) is one of the most important construction-related opportunities in 2024. 

Services include a broad spectrum of construction methods, technologies, and support activities adhering to technical and regulatory standards at Air Force installations worldwide. Project scopes include DoD Fuels infrastructure, range construction, pavements, administrative facility renovations, dormitory work, and highly classified and secure facilities.

​​​​​​​This contract covers regional and global construction and engineering services. Task Orders will cover DB and DBB Construction.

As the RFP will drop in early 2024join us in our webinar to discuss the background, the scoring system, and the technical aspects of preparing your submission for the AF C2E opportunity.  We will discuss requirements, substantiation, partnering, and hard-learned lessons, and there will be a Q&A session at the end.

What Will the Webinar Cover:

  • Background on the C2E Program

    A short look into the history of the various contracts that are being bundled into the C2E contract.

  • C2E General Details

    A short introduction and high-level view of the C2E contract and its requirements.

  • How Self-Scoring Proposals Work

    A discussion of the new self-scoring system required in the preparation of C2E proposal

  • The Scoring System Explained

    A detailed discussion of the scoring system used in C2E and how to maximize your score.

  • Win Strategy

    Insights and recommendations to bolster your win probability to include compliance and partnering.

  • Q&A

    At the end of the webinar, we will answer any questions you might have.

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    Webinar Host

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    Webinar Host

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