Hinduism: Why so many Gods?

One of the most striking features of Hinduism is the seemingly endless array of gods and goddesses that inhabit the colourful temples and homes of its adherents. These Gods have their own vehicles, mounts or vahanas that comprise of animals and birds. There is a deep inner significance behind their choosing particularly those vahanas. Even the attire and weapons they hold have special meaning.
 Mounted on Parvani, Skanda reins in the peacock's vanity. Seated on Mushika (Rat), Ganesh crushes greed and fear, Sani, the protector, has a vulture, raven or crow in which he represses thieving tendencies. Let us delve deeper into the messages they convey and learn how we can resonate with them with Sakhashree.

​​​​​​​In the workshop:
Discover more about the God
Know the significance of Gods Vehicles, appearance and their stories
·      Resonate with the divine energies through meditation

  • Neeta Singhal

    Webinar Host

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