Making Commerce Extensible with WebAssembly

About the Event

Over the past 15 years, Shopify has built a globally distributed, commerce platform. We have one of the largest Rails monoliths on earth. A core mandate is to keep this codebase simple, only building what most merchants need most of the time. To support additional requirements, we need advanced customization tools pluggable by third parties. These customizations need to be synchronous, secure and lightning fast. To solve this problem, we have turned to WebAssembly on the server. We are building a developer SDK using AssemblyScript and Lucet that will allow partners to write synchronous plugins to our commerce platform. 

​​​​​​​Read the blog post: How Shopify Uses WebAssembly Outside of the Browser​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​During this event you will learn about

  • Shopify’s shift to being an extensible platform

  • The current states of languages compiling to WebAssembly

  • WASI and Guest/Host communication

  • The infrastructure we’re building to make it possible

  • Connect with our speakers: Duncan (Twitter | GitHub)​​​​, Maxime (GitHub), Mitch (Twitter | GitHub), Saúl (Twitter | GitHub), Anita (Twitter | LinkedIn)

  • Stay up to date by following Shopify Engineering: Blog | Twitter | YouTube

  • Anita Clarke

    Senior Managing Editor, Shopify

  • Duncan Uszkay

    Senior Developer, Shopify

  • Maxime Bedard

    Senior Developer, Shopify

  • Mitch Dickinson

    Development Manager, Shopify

  • Saúl Cabrera

    Senior Developer, Shopify

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