The Pianist & The Chef:
​​​​​​​The Stew That Raises The Dead & Much More.


    LOCRO is a traditional Argentine stew known as "the stew that raises the dead" for the power and energy it provides. Packed with nutrition and starches, intense and vibrant flavors and beautiful Autumn colors, this stew is surely going to become a favorite of yours. Two other original recipes will be included: Potato Empanadas & Pumpkin Cookies. Eveything is Whole-Food, Plant-Based, No oil, No Sugar, No Salt, No Flour. 


    Gustavo will introduce you to his vegan friend Ana who is an expert in making Locro. They will share funny stories and tell how they met. Dr. Diego Ponieman, MD, will join from New York to talk about the nutritional benefits of pumpkins and legumes. Leonardo, virtuoso violinist, will join in at the end to perform with Gustavo two pieces of music based on dances that will energize you as much as the food in this webinar!


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  • Gustavo Tolosa, Host & Producer.

    Plant-Based Webinar Host & Producer, Gustavo Tolosa, started his journey in the plant-based, starch-centered way of eating in 2013 and since then he has lost over 65 pounds. He has hosted hundreds of webinars with leading plant-based doctors, chefs, nutritionists and psychologists.He loves to cook and present the concepts of Whole Food, Plant Based way of eating in easy and practical ways that everyone can understand. He holds a doctoral degree in Music from the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester, Rochester, NY). His YouTube channel contains a variety of inspiring videos that you will surely enjoy! Please visit his channel under his name and subscribe. His web site that he maintains with Dr. Diego Ponieman, MD, contains a wealth of free information. The web site is www.Plantemus.com.

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