with Jess and Ian Pollard, co-authors of Mental Spinach
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Grab a virtual seat:Wednesday, 21st July, 10:00am AEST, 12:00pm NZST

This month at Springday, we are shifting the spotlight on our hubs to the career pillar. We are diving deep into work-life balance, what that entails and how this can be sustained over time.

In this masterclass, father-daughter duo Ian and Jess Pollard will provide actionable insights and tips as food for thought to develop your own approach to work-life balance.

They will use the Mental Spinach framework of four lenses to help build this approach:
- Identity: Understanding who you are and what matters to you.
- Opportunity: Identifying what opportunities are available to you and which ones to prioritise
- Impact: Thinking through how you might work smarter not harder
- Sustainability: Identifying actions and strategies which can be sustained effectively for work-life balance.

​​​​​​​About our speakers:

Jess Pollard is a career development coach and professional musician. She facilitates career workshops for young adults and emerging artists and holds a Masters of Education in Career Development.

Ian Pollard brings to this partnership a wealth of experience in business having been chairman, director or CEO of over 30 companies and having coached CEOs of major businesses for the past 20 years. He is an Adjunct Professor at the UTS School of Business and a Rhodes Scholar.


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