Webinar: Safeture Tech Talks 17 June
Join this positive discussion LIVE with three experts on

"How Technology and IT Security has improved our Lives!"

Thursday 17 June 3pm CET

Save your spot and get the extra energy boost for summer!

  • During this hour our speakers will cover positive highlights on how technology has improved our lives for the better. 

    ​​​​​​​Join the discussion!

  • IT Security: 3 groundbreaking improvements with great positive impact on human lives!

  • Human-empowering AI: Data-driven insights are great but how can we put them to use? 

  • 5 Future positive Tech Trends to look out for! 

    ​​​​​​​And much more...

  • Magnus Hultman

    Host and CEO at Safeture

  • Viking Johansson

    Innovation Director at Securitas Intelligent Services

  • David Jacoby

    Senior Security Researcher for Kaspersky Lab TV Hacker and Nerd

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