What a vet and behaviourist would like you to know about neutering

About the Webinar

This webinar explores;
*What are the medical benefits to neutering male and female dogs?
*What are the medical negatives to neutering male and female dogs?
*What are the behavioural effects of neutering male and female dogs?
*Does size, breed or age at neutering make any difference?*What options are there for different ways of neutering and does this matter?
*How can we prepare the dog, and owner, so that the neutering procedure carries less behavioural risk?
*A dog recently neutered now shows signs of undesired behavioural change, what can we do?

Dr Amber Batson is a vet and behaviourist who works in the UK having graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1999.  She undertook individual qualifications in dog, cat and horse behaviour for several years after graduating and has been teaching and working as a vet behaviourist since 2004.  
Amber strongly believes that the latest science about behaviour should be accessible to all who live and care for animals so presents in a way to bridge the gap between science and the practical world.
​​​​​​​Amber works as a vet, behaviourist and legal expert witness in the UK, teaching animal behaviour world wide and is a member of the ABTC.

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