Life hacks for online teachers:
​​​​​​​making your digital life simple

 Many teachers have begun teaching online for at least part of their timetable and this transition has brought forth training and webinars on a plethora of tech tools, websites and apps. Maybe you’ve tried some of them, just to then forget about them amid all your back-to-school duties? The question arises: how can we get our heads around all these lesson plans, videos and tech tools without losing sight of our pedagogical aims and principles? In this practical workshop I’ll show you a series of life hacks on how to organise your 'digital stuff', plan your lessons using your favourite tools, pursue your continuous professional development but also stay sane! By the end of the session, you’ll have your own plan to simplify your digital life.

  • Sandra Hernández

    Webinar Host

  • Anita Derecskei

    Webinar Presenter

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