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Supply chain inclusion has the potential for being the greatest equalizer. Socially responsible companies can harness the power of supplier diversity programs to reach out to minority owned businesses and create jobs in underserved and underrepresented communities. These concentrated efforts distribute the economic fruits of success to a larger talent pool and amplify entrepreneurship opportunities for the whole community.

But, what does it take to have a successful supplier diversity program? We'll talk to Bryan about what makes a supplier diversity program stand out, why supplier diversity is an "approach," not a "category," and what 2020 has meant for supplier diversity programs. 

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Episode 11: Making a Supplier Diversity Program Work
Date and time: 22nd September, 12:30 PM Pacific Time

Duration: 30 min (incl. Q & A)

Guest : Bryan Wiggins, Program Manager, Supplier Diversity, Global Procurement Services at Cisco.
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Making a Supplier Diversity Program Work
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You will learn:

  • What does it take to have a successful supplier diversity program?

  • How can companies leverage inclusive procurement to facilitate healthy competition, improve products quality and reduce costs?

  • How can organizations simplify the process of finding minority-owned vendors that meet diverse procurement requirements?

  • How can leaders check the effectiveness and accountability of their supplier diversity programs?

  • Hanita Chalabi

    Webinar Host

  • Bryan Wiggins


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