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Bringing the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry to Life
Dennis Abbeduto, Colonial Chemical, Presenter
Chris Boone, Univar Solutions, Guest Scientist

Wednesday 30 November 2022

West Coast USA 8h = Mexico City / Chicago 10h = Bogota / East Coast USA 11h = Sao Paolo 13h = UK 16h = Central Europe 17h = J'burg / Tel Aviv 18h = New Delhi 21h30 = Sing / HK / China / Taipei 0h = Japan / Korea 1h Thursday = Melbourne 3h Thursday = Wellington 5h​​​​​​​

About the Webinar

Why did Dennis Abbeduto decide to look into improving a commercially successful surfactant?  Isn't it more interesting to discover something new? 

​​​​​​​Inspired by the 1998 work "Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice" by Paul Anastas and John Warner, Dennis took a fresh look at an old product. How did it turn out? Join our next IFSCC Webinar to find out. 

About Dennis Abbeduto, Presenter
Dennis Abbeduto has over 25 years surfactant and formulation chemistry experience and currently works for Colonial Chemical, Inc in Southeast Tennessee as Personal Care Business Manager. He has also served as Product Applications Manager at Colonial. Prior to his time at Colonial Chemical, he worked for Alberto-Culver Co in Chicago, Illinois on skin care technology and as a formulation chemist for the St. Ives and Noxzema brands. Dennis also worked for McIntyre Group, Ltd in University Park, Illinois as an R&D synthesis, applications, and claims chemist. He has a BS in chemistry from Governors State University in University Park, Illinois.​​​​​​​

About Chris Boone, Guest Scientist
Chris Boone is currently a Product Manager at Univar Solutions for the personal care market, focused on new supplier development.  He has a B.S. in Chemistry from Southern Illinois University.  He started his career at McIntyre group creating new surfactants and preservatives for personal care.  After that, he moved into various formulation and innovation roles at Alberto Culver.  Just before his current role, he spent several years as a technical specialist that supported sales teams at Univar Solutions.  In his free time, he can be found trying the latest new restaurants and seeing live music in his new(ish) home base in Austin, Texas.

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  • Dennis Abbeduto, Colonial Chemical, USA

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