How to Help Kids Develop an
​​​​​​​Emotional Vocabulary

Strong emotions can scare or overwhelm kids, and helping them see that everyone feels mad, sad, or scared sometimes can comfort them and build their emotional vocabulary.

In this 16-minute webinar, learn how to help kids name emotions, normalize emotions, and navigate emotions.

​​​​​​​After the webinar, download your free Learning Toolkit!


  • Deborah Farmer Kris

    Deborah Farmer Kris is a child development expert and parent educator. She serves as a columnist and consultant for PBS KIDS, and she writes for NPR’s MindShift and other national publications. Over the course of her career, Deborah has taught almost every grade K–12, served as a school administrator, directed leadership institutes, and presented to hundreds of parents and educators around the United States. Deborah and her husband live in Massachusetts with their two kids—who love to test every theory she’s ever had about child development. Mostly, she loves sharing nuggets of practical wisdom that can help kids and families thrive.

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