Australian Property Update 2021

In this webinar I will show you what is behind the headline stories, and what is REALLY happening in the Australian property market right now.
"Within an hour and a few slides you  summarized all that I need to know from the masses of confusing news. Thanks!" 

The Australian property market is changing..FAST!


  • City by City Guide

    The latest price movements, vacany rates, supply, and more on each major Australian city.

  • Migration has stopped

    With the borders virtually closed, what will happen to Australia's property markets without population growth?

  • A brand new way to buy

    A look at the revolutionery NEW way overseas buyers are able to puchase without being able to travel, attend a seminar, or even talk to a real estate agent!

  • "Build to Rent"

    This new asset class is set to forever change real estate in Australia. Global capital is pouring into Build to Rent projects around Australia. What is it, and why is it so important?

    PS It's NOT building a house to rent out! 

  • Is the past a guide to the future?

    Previous major events have shaped the Australian property market. What will happen this time?

  • Michael Bentley

    Your Webinar Host

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