"Real Estate Reset"

About The Webinar

The real estate market is changing. Interest rates are rising, affordability is falling, and buyer reluctance is setting in. As market forces begin to shift, and we transition into a new phase of the real estate cycle, it's critical that real estate investors make the necessary adjustments to continue to find success in this new economic environment.

On this month's webinar of the Professional Investors Guild, "Real Estate Reset," we will be discussing the important investing strategies during a recessionary phase, and how to set yourself up for massive profits during this amazing time of opportunity.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Pre-Foreclosure Techniques that are Perfect in Recessions

  • Resale Strategies to Get Your Renovations SOLD

  • Business Shifts to Ensure You Can Thrive in Any Market

  • …And So Much More!

  • Matt Robinson

    PIG Founder & Webinar Host

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