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Every career journey is unique, and there is so much we can learn from a frank conversation with a leader.

If we could sit with Benjamin Franklin, we would ask how he came to be such an inventor, writer, and all-round genius! What were the challenges he faced, and how did he learn all the things he did? Did he have a mentor at every step? Did his career journey surprise him at any point?

So, join us as we find that common thread (a through-line) that makes each leader uniquely themselves.

Guest No. 9: Travis Killion

Date and time: 17th September 2020; 12:30 PM Pacific time

Duration: 30 minutes

Webinar host: Neha Malhotra

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Travis Killion is currently the Vice President of eCommerce at Vitamin World. Over a quarter century working with Internet technologies, Travis has held roles in business management, product management, and technology management. Having spent time performing in all the major roles, Travis can effectively communicate with all team members, stakeholders, and customers to drive execution and deliver results. From startups to large companies, Travis has created digital products and services that empower businesses across many types of domains including real estate, online/remote work, retail, ecommerce, and loyalty. 

  • Travis Killion | Vice President of eCommerce at Vitamin World

    Webinar guest

  • Neha Malhotra | Head of Recruitment at BayOne Solutions

    Webinar host

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