​​​​​​​5 impact drivers for an aligned, high performance board

As a board member of a family or private business, are you facing challenges that impact business performance?​​​​​​​
Many boards are having to constantly re-adapt and reconsider priorities and all against an unprecedented pace of change, escalating costs and economic downturn.
Boards are under pressure, as they make critical decisions which will influence results in  months and years ahead.
Today it’s more important than ever to have a cohesive, aligned, high performance board that can outperform previous performance, despite potential economic difficulties.

Join us on a FREE webinar and discover how high-performance boards can overcome many of the escalating problems being faced today:

-  High talent turnover
-  Poor client retention
-   Slow decision making
-  Lack of confidence and trust
-  Disengagement
-  Lack of accountability
-  Mental health challenges and stress
-  Micromanagement

The duty and responsibility of boards to recognise and address such issues swiftly and effectively is essential.  A robust and established approach is needed.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​5 impact drivers for an aligned high performance board addresses these challenges specifically and is designed for private and family companies.

A board that knows how to leverage these drivers will increase performance, having the clarity, focus, energy, structure, and skills to deliver an outstanding performance. 

What will be covered:
-  The importance of having an outward facing board
​​​​​​​-  The essential role of board governance
-  Crucial steps for effective board leadership
-  How to maximise board performance

Time for Q&A
Our mission is to help you sharpen the performance of your board to tackle the challenges ahead.
Who will benefit from attending:
CEOs, Directors & Executives of family and private businesses

  • Vijay Mistri

    Has coached and advised boards in different sectors over the past two decades. He has been instrumental for a 20 fold growth of a media, research and training company as a board member. Vijay has authored and developed training programs on governance which have a greenlight status award from the UK Trade and investment.

  • Rebecca Jenkins

    Is a non-executive director of an employee owned FMCG business. With extensive leadership and board experience as Managing Director of a private business later selling it to a FTSE250 company where she became Director of Sales. She is the founder of RJEN, helping businesses to achieve significant growth.

  • Sohin Shah

    Has been responsible for increasing company profits for a manufacturing company four-fold in one year despite COVID. He has helped companies transform focusing on leadership and board effectiveness. Sohin is a governance trainer with ACCA sharing insights with directors and executives from all sectors.

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