​​​​​​​Deal Sourcing is the fastest way I know to a £100k income, even as a beginner, in property!

About your host, Susannah Cole...

Susannah Cole lives both in Barcelona near the Mediterranean and Bristol where her substantial property portfolio is based and enjoys travelling this wonderful world we live in.

Today she helps property investors, from start up to experienced, through her Flagship Online 60 Day Academies. 

She launched TGPC as a Deal Sourcing and JV Flipping Company, sourcing over 200 deals, at a value of £45 million for an agreed price of £30 million in less than 5 years. Her first 42 flips sold for £402k more than expected and she has raised (and fully paid back) ££millions in private finance. 

Susannah is an entrepreneur and Founder of The Good Property Company. She helps folks to launch and grow their profitable property business through a step-by-step system, in Flipping, Deal Packaging, Property Investing and Raising Finance, to achieve financial freedom.


What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • Learn to make a 6 figure income

    Without Mortgages, Loans or Debts!

  • A Guide to Building a Deal Sourcing Income

    ...and launching, fast!

  • Live life on your terms! 

    Learn to find profitable deals, package them to investors, to break free of the 9-5, chose time with family & friends and have a life of choice

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