Free Webinar

Essential Strategies for Busy Couples

In this webinar, I'll share what divorcing couples wish they would have known years ago!

Unfortunately, most people don't get support to create change in their relationship until it's too late. That’s why I’m offering this FREE training about the top 5 things that are cancerous to relationships (that most people don’t even know they are doing!)... and what to do instead.

  • Mika Ross, Therapist + Relationship Coach

    Webinar Host

  • Learn the top 5 things that lead to divorce

    With practical, actionable ways to stop doing them today! 

  • Figure out what's REALLY bugging you

    How to get to the underlying issues fast….and stop fighting about things that don’t matter.

  • Move from conflict to communication

    Use my game-changing conflict map to break the cycle of arguments that go nowhere!

  • Reconnect with emotional intimacy

    Simple ways to start feeling fulfilled in your relationship rather than drained. 

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