Training methodologies. What's working and what's not in 2020. 

Are you using the right Training method?

When I started my cycle coaching business in 2007, I focused on working exclusively with masters racing cyclists. I really had to quickly experiment with different training methods to find the right one or else I would have gone out of business. The methodology we establish back has been refined over the years and makes up the core of our Cycling-Inform Training method.

  • Which training methods work the best for club level racing cyclists and recreational riders.

    In the first half of this webinar I discuss some of the more common cycling training methods and how we have developed them to get the best results with the limited amount of time you have available to train.

  • Our coaching membership portal.

    We'll have a brief break where I'll show you around our online coaching membership portal.

  • Answering your cycling questions.

    In the second half I'll be answering your training questions. Priority will be given to people in the webinar.

  • David Heatley

    Webinar Host

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