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Wills & Living Trusts

Discover the best way to pass your Assets to your loved ones exactly the way you desire; without going through Probate Court.

David & Lisa Camacho invite you to come and learn about Wills & Living Trusts......

An Estate Plan is vital for any individual, couple, or family that owns a home and has assets. Ensure that your Estate Planning is in good order by reviewing the methods families use to avoid the delays and legal fees of Probate Court. Learn various methods and best practices to protect your family from unnecessary costs and wasted time in Probate.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of Wills and Living Trusts.

  • How Probate Court works and why you may want to avoid it for your family.

  • How Powers of Attorney work and don’t work. (Some may not be valid if you are disabled or pass away.)

  • Protecting your heirs’ inheritance from lawsuits, divorce and spend-thrifts.

  • Why putting property in your children’s names may be a mistake.

  • How the new SECURE Act affects your trust and/or retirement accounts.

  • Best Practices for naming retirement account and Life Insurance beneficiaries.

  • David and Lisa Camacho

    Legacy DLC, INC.

  • Jennifer Surmacz

    Chief Counsel | CSI Financial Group

  • Ciara Lister, ESQ

    Chief Counsel ITS/MLCP

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