Food and Peace

Webinar Series 2020 - 2021​​​​​​​

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This webinar series consists of 12 webinars for students, youth leaders and youth peace activists, on various topics related to Human Rights, Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution, Leadership, and SDGs, presented by experts in the field of Peace Building, including Nobel Peace Laureates and Organisations.

The webinars form part of the Permanent Secretariat's Youth Program, Leading by Example, and the series is presented in partnership with the Gandhi King Foundation (India).


Food and Peace - Transforming our food systems for a healthier, more sustainable, inclusive, and peaceful future.

In this webinar we will explore the connections between food and peace. The webinar will be structured in three parts. In the first part we will learn about the work and impact of the World Food Program (WFP), the 2020 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. By looking at the Program’s activities and areas of focus, we will explore the connections between food and peace. In the second part will discuss one of society’s most pressing challenges: transforming our current food systems to make them healthier, more sustainable, and inclusive. In the closing part of the webinar, we will examine how peacemaking skills can be applied to the challenge of transforming our food systems, which in turn is an essential condition for a prosperous and peaceful future.  

  • Professor Emilio Martínez de Velasco Aguirre is Director of the Collaborative Innovation Lab at Anahuac Mayab University, a recent initiative that seeks to promote and facilitate collaboration and collective action projects involving actors from all sectors of society in addressing pressing and complex challenges.

    Currently, he is leading a project to foster a positive transformation of the food system in Merida, the capital of the state of Yucatan. Previously, he served as regional director for Mexico’s National Council for Science and Technology.

    ​​​​​​​He holds a PhD in City and Regional Planning from the University of California, Berkeley, with a specialization on innovation and regional economic development. He is passionate about enabling the power of collaboration and collective action within diverse groups of people, integrating different experiences, views, and types of knowledge in co-creating innovative solutions to address society’s most complex challenges. 

  • Marisol Achach is Director for Internationalization at Universidad Anáhuac Mayab, and leads the university's internationalization strategy. 
    Marisol is responsible for promoting and enhancing the university’s profile domestically and internationally through the strategic management of international partnerships, international visitors, local diplomatic corps, and local international organizations. A key aspect of her role is the development new forms for the internationalization of education, research, and collaboration. Marisol  has been working for Universidad Anáhuac Mayab for 20 years.

  • Professor Vincenzo Sanasi d'Arpe was appointed as President of the World Food Program Italy (WFP Italy) is on 14 June 2017. He is an Extraordinary Professor of Economic Law, Cassation lawyer, owner of the Sanasi d'Arpe Law Firm, author of numerous monographs, publications and essays, awarded with prizes and awards, is one of the leading Italian experts in the field of extraordinary administration of large groups in crisis.

    As extraordinary commissioner of the Cablelettra group (European leader in the automotive wiring sector with seven thousand employees in Italy, Poland, Tunisia, Brazil and China, owner of a very significant stake in the Valtur group), he has achieved one of the most brilliant operations in the field of the legislation on the extraordinary administration of large groups in crisis, which at the time was welcomed by the Fiat group - the company's main client - and by the trade union parties.

  • Professor Emilio Martínez de Velasco Aguirre

    Director, Collaborative Innovation Lab at Anahuac Mayab University

  • Marisol Achach

    Director, Internationalization at Anahuac Mayab University

  • Professor Vincenzo Sanasi d'Arpe

    President of the World Food Program Italy (WFP Italy)

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