"How To" Online Tutorial Series
This series of online tutorials help beginners get ready and kickstart their trading journeys. 
Note: This series consists of 4 online tutorials

  • Session 1 @ 30 June: How to start trading 

    - What is CFD Trading?
    - What are the difference types of platforms?
    - What are the instruments that you can trade?
    - How to open a demo & live account?
    - Open MT4 platform and login demo account for practice
    - Meta Trader 4 (MT4) basics and user interface
    - Introduction to the Virtual Championship

  • Session 2 @ 07 July: How to read charts, and open & close positions

    - What is a lot?
    - What is a pip? ANd how to calculate pip value?
    - What is leverage? What are margin requirements?
    - What does it mean to sell short?
    - What are the limit orders and what is the stop loss and take profit level?
    - What is the difference between scalping, day trading, and swing trading?
    ​​​​​​​- Live practice using MT4 to open and close positions

  • Session 3 @ 14 July: How to read price action using Dow theory

    - An introduction to technical analysis
    - Who is Charles Dow?
    - What are the basic tenets of Dow's theory?
    - How to read chart trends and ride them
    - What is the trend reversal point?

  • Session 4 @ 21 July: How to manage your risk while trading

    - What is the margin level?
    - Margin call, stop out level and the difference between them
    - How to maintain an acceptable risk to reward ratio
    - How to calculate total risk for a trade
    - Practical trading on MT4 using risk management rules
    - Market trends and products analysis

  • Betty Teo

    Webinar Host

  • Mohanad Yakout

    Webinar Host

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