Yoga and Covid-19

Community Conversations to Support a Compassionate and Resilient Response

We are living through an extraordinary moment in time. In this uncharted territory of COVID-19 there’s never been a more important time to come together and connect. This is why I’ll be going live for this series of panel discussions with guest teachers and yoga community leaders. 

We’ll be discussing and brainstorming:
• How can our practices serve us right now? 
• How can we best serve others?
• What are the creative solutions we’re coming up with to continue to support our communities? 
• What are the challenges we’re facing?

​​​​​​​Each of these sessions will feature a different panel of up to 5 speakers. 
You can sign up for one or more sessions. 

Our speaker lineup includes:
Benjy and Heather Wertheimer, Shantala, Noah Mazé, Christina Sell, Dianne Bondy, Gina Cenciose, Jivana Heyman, Matt Taylor, Molly Lannon Kenny, Shannon Crow, Kerry Maiorca, Board Chair of Yoga Alliance, and many more!

We are looking forward to coming together in community to discuss how we can use and share yoga at this time to support ourselves and serve our communities.

  • Barrie Risman

    Moderator & Yoga Teacher

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