5 Mistakes to Avoid
​​​​​​​on the Low FODMAP Diet

Struggling with uncomfortable gut symptoms like bloating, excess wind, diarrhoea, constipation or tummy cramps?

Come join me in my FREE webinar where you'll learn the top 5 mistakes I see made time & time again and what you can be doing instead to overcome your IBS symptoms for good and get your gut health back on track.

  • Chelsea McCallum

    IBS Dietitian & Webinar Host

  • Identify the Most Common Reasons Why You're Not Getting Relief

    Learn the common mistakes you'll need to stop making so you can truly find long-term relief from IBS & live your best life.

  • Discover Why FODMAPs Aren't the Only IBS Trigger

    Discover the other factors that you need to consider before starting the low FODMAP process. 

  • Learn What You Need to do to Take Control of IBS

    I'll uncover my best kept secrets that I share with my clients to help them wave goodbye to painful & embarassing gut symptoms for good, without relying on expensive medications or supplements.

  • PLUS receive a FREE copy of my 'Low FODMAP Breakfast Recipe eBook' (value $18)

    Attend the full webinar to receive a copy of my popular IBS-Friendly Recipe eBook, for FREE!

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