Make your Home a Temple

 A FREE LIVE Channeled Q and A On Home Energy  and Manifesting 

In this live webinar, you will learn about the energy of your home that can be used to Manifest more goodness into your life. 

This is a sacred and beautiful opportunity for those who are interested in raising the vibration of their life and home to learn about how healthy energy flow in the home can improve happiness, wellness, and abundance. 

This LIVE ONLY webinar will be a Q and A 

It will be a chance for those called to ask questions about how home energy affects the  Manifestations

If your Life and Path 

It will include  

Guidance on how healthy  home energy can be used for manifestation

A Life-force Flow experience - tune in to how energy should flow and feel in your home for optimum  Manifestation

A Temple Protection Blessing for your Home 

This webinar will be tailored to the people who are there, their homes, and their questions. 

It is ONLY available to those who listen live. 

This Webinar is gifted to you 

With Love From Starlight Temple


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