Improve your Machine Vision Image Quality with Optical Filters

About The Webinar

Your goal is simple: acquire a clear, high-resolution, glare-free image — all while keeping costs down and ensuring that the process is repeatable. Does that sound difficult? Or even impossible? It doesn’t have to be. Optical filters are a simple, cost-effective way to enhance repeat-ability and to achieve the highest level of performance from your machine vision system. Learn more about how optical filters can be used to solve even the toughest issues in machine vision applications and how filters can help you get ahead of the curve when it comes to next-generation applications.

  • Consistent Images: Image stability is critical to good decision making and inspections using a machine vision system.  Learn how filters can improve the consistency of your images even when conditions in the environment change.

  • Improved Details: In order to perform a quality inspection, the details of the part must be visible.  Filters help bring out details to allow for more robust inspections

  • Balanced Images: Filtering allows for a balanced image to improve inspection results

  • Cale Harbour

    Webinar Host

  • Gregory Das

    Webinar Host

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