Free Webinar

Best of Hydrogen Online Workshop 2024

June 12, 4 pm (Berlin Time), 10 am (New York), 10 pm (Bejing)

Webinar Presenters

  • Mission Hydrogen

  • Dr. David Wenger

    Webinar Host, Founder and CEO, Mission Hydrogen

What You Will Learn In The Webinar

On June 5, the Hydrogen Online Workshop 2024 will take place. An amazing lineup of hydrogen experts from all over the world shares their best knowledge with you.

In case you miss it – at least partially – join the “Best of Hydrogen Online Workshop 2024” webinar on Wednesday, June 12, at 4 pm Berlin time.

David Wenger will give you a short overview of what he has learned and what you should know, too.

After that, David will answer your questions. Whatever it is. Anything related to hydrogen and the energy transition. Call it “free consulting”.
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​​​​​​​SPONSORS of the Hydrogen Online Workshop 2024:
Burckhardt Compression AG | Dräger Safety | Honeywell | Wenger Engineering GmbH 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SPONSORS of the Mission Hydrogen Webinar Series:
GOLD:  NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP | Wenger Engineering GmbH 
Silver:  Atlas Copco |  Burckhardt Compression AG | Dräger Safety | Hexagon Purus | MSA – The Safety Company | VOSS Holding GmbH + Co. KG 
Bronze: LFELindeTT Gaskets

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