Summer School: 3 Considerations for Boosting Teacher Engagement

Summer school gives teachers the unique opportunity to focus on “teacher self-care.” Trying out things in summer school we didn’t get a chance to teach during the regular school year is one way to invest in “teacher self-care.” When we better understand what works in our classroom, we can plan accordingly and make our year ahead the best it can be.

In this session, we will examine ways to make the summer school experience more meaningful, motivating, and professionally fulfilling for teachers.

  • Jordana Benone

    Jordana Benone has over 20 years of educational experience both in and out of the classroom and is currently an English Teacher at Santa Monica High School in California. Jordana has been part of TCM since 2013 as an Academic Officer and Educational Consultant. She has developed national presentations and provided customized professional development for TCM curriculum resources and Shell Education professional resources that are inclusive of the most current educational research and best practices. She holds a Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from Lesley University and a Masters of Arts in Educational Administration from Concordia University.

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