Pharmacological Validation of DECRO® Telemetric Jacket in Rats

About The Webinar

During this webinar, Stéphane BAUDET, will share the results and perspectives from a technical and pharmacological validation of non-invasive monitoring of respiratory, ECG and activity parameters in conscious group-housed rats using a jacketed external telemetry system (DECRO®) conducted in a Contract Research Organization environment.

He will also discuss the possibility of using this system to perform not only acute ICH S7A studies, but also to longitudinal ad hoc ICH M3(R2) recordings, and report pharmacological evaluation of baclofen effects with this connected jacket solution.

​​​​​​​Timothé FLENET will co-host the session. He will present the DECRO® solution, show how simple it is to equip an animal with the jacket and will give insights about cardiac, respiratory and activity signals recording. Another example of successful recording acute pharmacological effects of Fentanyl will be showcased. A time slot is planned at the end of this webinar to answer all your questions on the product capabilities.

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  • Timothé Flénet

    Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director - Etisense

  • Stéphane Baudet

    Principal Scientist, Safety Pharmacology - Charles River Safety Assessment Laboratories

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