Hosted by: Louise Murphy & Paul Clarke

One-Stop Omnichannel Solution
Meridian EPOS integrated system
Set up Shopify E-Shop
OMNISHOP Integrates EPOS + E-Shop

Meridian EPOS is the best choice of EPOS in Ireland. It gives the retailer unrivaled control over it’s point of sale, back office, stock control and reporting. Shopify is the best choice for developing an online store, quickly and easily, especially for small and medium sized enterprises. Putting the two together just gives you the edge. It facilitates a relatively quick and easy route from bricks and mortar to online; it ensures that the two channels are completely in sync with one another; it puts the retailer in control; and it offers the customer more choice. Frankly, the question should be why not Meridian EPOS and Shopify?

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