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Preview of the IFSCC 2022 London Congress
featuring Stewart Long, IFSCC London Congress
Science and Award Committees Chair

Perry Romanowski, IFSCC Education Chair, Moderator
​​​​​​​Wednesday 7 September
Broadcast live from London and Chicago at the usual times:

About the Webinar

the 2022 IFSCC London Congress will be special in several ways:  it's the first hybrid Congress offered, with both in-person and virtual attendence options available. It's also the first in-person IFSCC event 2019.  Learn what you can expect during this science-packed 3 day event. 

  • Overview of the 10 Sessions

    Learn about the 10 sessions offered in London: who will be presenting, and on what topics.

  • Access Podium recordings and papers for 90 days

    All Registrants will have on-line access to recordings of the podium presentations and all papers for 90 days after the close of the Congress. Plenty of time to dig deep and learn from the best in our industry.

  • Access Options

    For the first time you can choose to attend an IFSCC Congress in-person or virtually.  Which should you choose?

  • Mary Lynn Halland

    Webinar Host

  • Stewart Long, Science Chair 2022 London Congress

    Webinar Host

  • Perry Romanowski, IFSCC Chair of Education

    Webinar Host

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