Behavior: Initiator of Our Choices When it Comes to Money & Retirement

About The Webinar

In this enlightening webinar, delve into the intricate dynamics of human behavior as the driving force behind our financial decisions, particularly in the realm of retirement planning.
Explore how our inherent tendencies, biases, and emotions shape the choices we make regarding money management and retirement preparedness. Gain valuable insights into the psychological factors that influence our financial behaviors, from impulsivity to risk aversion, and learn practical strategies to navigate these influences effectively.

​​​​​​​Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting to contemplate your retirement journey, this webinar will help empower you with a deeper understanding of the behavioral underpinnings of financial decision-making, equipping you to make more informed choices for a secure and fulfilling retirement future.

  • Sean P. Lee, MSFS

    Managing Partner/Investment Advisor Representative

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