Introductory Webinar

Space Architecture Workshop

Highlights of the 8-day workshop to be held in April
at the International Space University in Strasbourg

Your First Step as a Designer in the Space Industry

Given the incredible worldwide success of the online Space Architecture & Design course on the School of Disruption, the European Center for Space Exploration and Colonization (ECSEC) continues its mission to democratize access to space by launching a unique collaboration with the International Space University (ISU).


    Several internationally renowned experts, who actively work in the space industry every day, take turns in lecturing and thus covering the most important topics of Space Architecture


    All participants will work in groups to design for a

    selected mission scenario. At the end of the workshop, the best project will be awarded.


    You will discover the practical topics of the lessons, from orbiting stations to greenhouses, from 3D Printing to space psychology.


    We will talk about the importance of the certificate awarded at the end of the workshop and the ECTS credits issued.

  • Igor Ciminelli

    Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation

  • Barbara Imhof

    Liquifer System Group

  • Virginia Wotring

    International Space University

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