About The Webinar

SPACs or “blank check acquisition companies” have greatly impacted the 2020 IPO market because they are less linked to market timing and the capital raised is put in a trust account pending an acquisition or merger by the SPAC. SPACs have accounted for approximately 40% of US IPO filings and raised over $6.5 billion during 2020. Our panel will explore the changing dynamics of SPACs, their influence on capital and M&A markets, and how SPACs are viewed from Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

There is no cost to attend this webinar.

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  • Jonas Grossman

    President, Chardan

  • Tina Pappas

    Managing Director, Jefferies

  • David Boris

    Co-CEO & CFO, Forum Merger II Corporation

  • Jared Kelly

    Partner, ReedSmith

  • Moderator, Craig Lilly

    Partner, ReedSmith

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