Career Pathway in Diagnostic and New Vaccine Development

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Are u struggling to find right career  ? Is pandemic affecting your career?

India has worked relentlessly towards developing innovative testing solutions for COVID 19, but timely detection of number of other infectious diseases has been sidelined. The range and burden of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, HIV, hepatitis etc. are enormous. In fact, inadequate containment of the vector has resulted in outbreaks of dengue fever and re-emergence of chikungunya.

If India can develop more then 20 different diagnostic tests in a single year to fight COVID 19, many more such innovations can be brought to effectively detect other infections looming in our country. This notion has lead to increase in demand of professionals who can help companies innovate faster.

The bio-pharmaceutical industry is one of the most dynamic and exciting professions in the world. It can be hugely rewarding professionally, personally and financially! There are tremendous opportunities for those that are able to develop their expertise and work closely with the pharma industry.

​​​​We are conducting this free webinar to help students and professionals who wish to start career in pharma-biotech world.

​​In this webinar we will cover:

  • 4 step framework to build career in bio-pharma industry and get job interviews in next month

  • 5 methods to get call from HR of pharma company 

  • Understand the career in patents and generic drugs and Top 5 skills required in pharma companies to get corporate position.

  • 6 top cities and companies recruiting 

  • Cheshta Sharma

    Webinar Host

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