Cognitive & Emotional Impacts of Vestibular Disorders

About The Webinar & Patient Panel

More often than not, vestibular dysfunction and anxiety go hand-in-hand. This session will review the psychological (emotional and cognitive) aspects of vestibular dysfunction and interventions can help to you address them. After the Q&A with the presenters, stay for the panel discussion moderated by Laura Cala featuring Kelsey Flint and Emily Englert.

  • Eva G. Mihovich, Ph.D. received her doctorate in clinical psychology from New York University. She has served as a Senior Psychologist at Rusk Rehabilitation, NYU Langone Health Centers for over twenty years, and is a clinical instructor at the NYU School of Medicine.  She currently coordinates Psychological Services at the Vestibular Rehabilitation Department at Rusk Rehabilitation. 

    Joanna Wolfson, Ph.D. is a senior psychologist at NYU Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, where she provides individual and group psychotherapy, cognitive remediation, and neuropsych testing services. She has a PhD in Clinical. Her postdoctoral fellowship focused on Health Psychology and Primary Care. Dr. Wolfson co-leads the Vestibular Stress Management group with Dr. Mihovich.​​​​​​​

  • Eva Mihovich, PhD


  • Joanna Wolfson, PhD


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