737 MAX Loss of Control: Survivable Catastrophes

Lion Air 610 and Ethiopian 302 - Opportunities for Effective Nose Low Upset Recovery

About This 'Replay Event'

Lion Air 610 and Ethiopian 302 were two 737 MAX airplane upset events that were recoverable.
​​​​​​​They were nose-low airplane upset situations that had defined points where recovery should have been initiated. A key factor in the accidents was a failure to communicate the initiation of a nose-low recovery as well as to execute all the proper steps and methods available. Enhanced training and improved knowledge of nose-low recoveries would have made a difference in these crews’ ability to recover.

Main Speaker and Subject Matter Expert - The main presenter in this APS webinar is Capt. David Carbaugh, retired Boeing Chief Pilot Technical and Safety for Test and Evaluation and co-chair of the Upset Recovery Training Aid industry team (Revisions 1 and 2). Dave served 29-years at the Boeing Company, flying all models and variants of the 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, and 787 aircraft. His positions and duties at Boeing included being an instructor pilot conducting simulator training and initial operating experience for various airlines worldwide, a CRM instructor writing training material for CRM, TCAS, Takeoff Safety and ETOPS training, and, later, the Chief Pilot Flight Operations Safety where he was instrumental in bringing Upset Recovery Training to the industry.

David is joined by APS VP Flight Operations and Standards, and 737NG Captain, Clarke McNeace, to deliver an insightful and valuable session together. The event wraps up with a moderated Q&A panel to address attendee questions.

What to expect from this 1.5-hour webinar replay ...

  • Understand When to Initiate a Nose Low Upset Recovery Based on Accident Data

  • Review Proper Boeing Nose-Low Recovery Techniques and Compare to These Events

  • Affirm Why Effective Communication is Critical to Survival in an Upset Event

  • Better Appreciate Why Pilots May Need to Use All Available Tools in an Upset Recovery

  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Why Resilient UPRT Knowledge and Training Matters

  • Capt. Dave Carbaugh

    Lead Presenter

  • Capt. Clarke McNeace


  • Paul BJ Ransbury

    APS CEO & Host

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