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Fanny Coste
Product Development Consultant, Cosmebiome Ltd
and the 2022 IFSCC London Congress Organizing Committee
"Formulating cosmetics for the Skin Microbiome"
Wednesday 27 July
​​​​​​​8h West Coast USA = 10h Mexico City / Chicago / Bogota = 11h East Coast USA = 12h Sao Paolo = 16h UK = 17h Central Europe / J’burg = 18h Tel Aviv = 20h30h New Delhi = 23h Sing / HK / China / Taipei = 0h Seoul / Tokyo = 1h (Thurs) Melbourne = 3h Wellington

About the Webinar

Ms. Coste will bring her extensive experience in global formulation consulting to this webinar: "Formulating cosmetics for the Skin Microbiome".
About Fanny Coste
Fanny Coste is the owner of Cosmebiome Ltd, a consultancy specialised in the development of sustainable beauty products and microbiome balancing formulas. She gained her 20+ years of experience in the cosmetic industry in Europe (UK, France and Norway), Japan and the US. She is also the founder of Kinkō, a personal care brand that balances the skin microbiome. She holds a MSc. in Cosmetic Science from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université Paris-Saclay and a MSc. in Bioengineering from Université de Technologie de Compiègne. She is currently based in London and is working with the Steering Committee of the 32nd IFSCC Congress being held in London 19 – 22nd September 2022.

About Dr. Marie Drago

After being diagnosed with a rare inflammatory skin disease, Dr. Drago used her knowledge as a pharmacist to research novel ways to treat skin inflammation. This lead to her creating the personal care line Gallinée. An expert on the skin microbiome, Marie is in demand at microbiome conferences around the world.

  • Fanny Coste, Cosmebiome Ltd

    Webinar Presenter

  • Dr. Marie Drago, Gallinée

    Guest Scientist

  • Perry Romanowski, IFSCC Education Chair

    Webinar Host

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