Why Teaching Fiction Matters

For students, fiction is everywhere! In the classroom, in the library, on the television, on their devices. Teaching how to navigate fictional text effectively in the classroom will allow students to practice their comprehension of fictional story structures in any environment. 

In this webinar, we will examine and experience the joy and engagement that fiction text brings to students while providing the key purposes for using it during instruction. You will acquire engaging strategies to use in the classroom immediately when teaching with fictional text.

  • Alan Becker

    Alan Becker currently serves as an Academic Officer with TCM, specializing in best practices for curriculum and instruction. He provides professional development and training in the content areas of math, ELA, and social studies for school districts, teachers, and educational trainers. Prior to his work as an Academic Officer, Mr. Becker served as a District Elementary Education Specialist with Pitt County Schools in Greenville, North Carolina.

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